TKV20 Material Collection System- TK95086

The Ultimate Material Collection System

Collecting material in your yard doesn’t have to be a chore. For years, we’ve heard the requests for a simple, PTO-driven system to match the capacities of compact utility tractors. Our solution? The TKV 20: the ultimate material collection system. From grass in the spring to leaves in the fall, the TKV 20 will transform the way you think about collecting material in your lawn.

Our solution starts with a robust blower system that utilizes your tractor’s PTO. At the heart is a poly urethane impeller that generates airflow throughput speeds over 100 mph (161 kph). By mounting these components on the TKV instead of on the end of your mower deck, weight distribution remains uncompromised, ensuring that your lawn receives a level cut that you expect.

Naturally, a blower system with an appetite for eating yard waste requires the method for holding material. With the TKV, material is transferred from the steel blower chute into a large, 20-bu. (705-L) hopper. Once full, simply press the rocker switch to open the gate and unload material, right from the seat of your tractor.

When you’re finished collecting, two steel storage stands help with storage. Choose the optional Caster Wheel Kit for the bottom of these stands to further simplify maneuvering during attachment, detachment, and storage.


The TKV20 is currently only available in the United States and Canada.



  • Convenient dump-from-seat unloading with rocker switch and electric actuator
  • 20-bushel hopper provides large capacity for long durations of mowing
  • PTO-powered blower fan constructed from a poly urethane 5 blade impeller generates airflow speeds over 100 mph (161 kph)
  • Integrated steel storage stands make attaching and detaching quick and easy
  • Durable, built-to-last design consisting of laser-cut metal, black powder coated components, and sleek aluminum



Capacity 20 bu. (705 L)
25 cu. ft. (0.7 m3)
Weight Empty: 520 lb. (236 kg.)
Full: 650 lb. (295 kg.) (Varies based on material)
Ground Clearance 6-3/8 in. (162 mm.) (Distance between lower 3 point pins to bottom of hopper)
Material Sides: 1/16 in. (1.58 mm.) aluminum
Gate: 1/16 in. (1.58 mm.) steel
Storage Stands 1½ in. (38.1 mm.) square tubular steel

Blower System

Drive Type Belt
Materials Fan: Poly Urethane
Fan Housing Front and Rear: 1/8 in. (3.18 mm.) steel
Fan Housing Ring: 1/8 in. (3.18 mm.) stainless steel
Fan Diameter 15 in. (381 mm.)
Number of Blades 5
Fan Speed 3,000 RPM


Material Steel-coil vacuum hose
Diameter 8 in. (203 mm.)
Length 5 ft. (1.5 m.)


Residential Residential 1 year
Commercial 6 months

Requirements and Compatibility

Compatible Models BX2380, BX2680 Sub-Compact Tractors
1023E, 1025R, 2025R Sub-Compact Tractors
2032R, 2038R Compact Tractors
3-series compact tractors
* Contact for full list of compatible tractors
Horsepower Engine: 20 HP minimum
PTO: 17 HP minimum
PTO 540 RPM rear shaft
3-Point Hitch Category 1 with 650+ lb. (295+ kg.) lift capacity
Electrical 12V / 30A connection
Mower Deck Mid-mount side-discharge deck
Counterweight Minimum of 200 lbs. (91 kgs.) of front weights are required.
Please consult your tractor’s manual for proper weighting.

What's Included

  • 20-bu (705-L), 25 cu ft (0.7 m3) aluminum hopper
  • Onboard PTO-powered blower system
  • 5 ft (m) of 8-in. (203-mm) diameter steel-coil vacuum hose
  • Two steel storage stands
  • sign and bracket
  • Operator’s Manual


Wiring Harness Kit

A dedicated wiring harness connects a TKV 20 to your tractor. Included is a rocker switch with a ROPS-mounted bracket to control the electric actuator, which makes unloading the hopper effortless. Power is wired in with a harness from the switch to the actuator as well as a battery harness.

Kit Part # Models
TK95051 BX2380, BX2680 Tractors
TK95056 2032R, 2038R Tractors
TK95059 1023E, 1025R, 2025R Tractors
TK95060 Universal Wiring Kit

Stay Chain Kit

This kit stabilizes a TKV 20 when in operation on inclines and keeps the PTO shaft aligned when the tractor’s mower deck is lowered.

Kit Part # Models
TK95052 BX80 Tractors
TK95053 BX50 - BX70 Tractors

Weight Bracket Kit

Kit Part #

Boot Kit

A boot is required to adapt a TKV 20's hose to your mower deck. Please consult your local dealer to acquire this kit for your tractor. A TerraKing kit is available to adapt a deck boot on 72D decks on 2032 and 2038R tractors.

Kit Part # Models
BX3026 54-in. Decks (RCK54-23BX) on BX2380 Tractors
BX3027 60-in. Decks (RCK60B-23BX) on BX2380 Tractors
BX3016 54-in. Decks (RCK54D-26BX-1) on BX2680 Tractors
BX3015 60-in. Decks (RCK60D-26BX-1) on BX2680 Tractors
TK95078 54-in Decks JD 1023E/1025R up to MY20 Tractors
TK95079 54-in Decks (54D) JD 1023E/1025R MY21+ and 2025R MY20+ Tractors
TK95080 60-in Decks (60D) on JD 1023E/1025R MY20+ Tractors
TK95081 60-in Decks (60D) on JD 2032R/2038R and 3R Tractors
TK95082 72-in. Decks (72D) on JD 2032R/2038R and 3R Tractors
TK95083 60-in Decks on Massey Ferguson eMax Tractors
TK95076 60-in Decks on Mahindra GC1700 Tractors

Caster Wheel Kit

These wheels make hooking up a TKV 20 to your tractor easier. Even better, being able to wheel the hopper into tight spaces is an added benefit for storage. Included are four caster wheels (two locking) and the required hardware for installation on the bottom of the two storage stands.

Kit Part #

Quick Hitch Bushing Kit

Quick Hitch Bushing Kit makes the Category 1 unit compatible with the iMatch Quick Hitches.

Kit Part #

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