5 cu ft Drop Spreader

The Professional’s Choice for Precision Spreading

Snow removal contractors, grounds crews on college campuses, and downtown municipalities are just a few examples of the many satisfied owners and operators of TerraKing 5 cu ft Drop Spreaders. For some, satisfaction comes from the ability of these spreaders to easily treat sidewalks with their compact 43-in. (109-cm) spread width and hefty 350-lb. (159-kg.) material-carrying capacity. For others, it’s about convenient adjustments, specifically the easy-to-use control box and the industry-exclusive six-position removable rotor tray.

No matter what feature fills your needs, durability always comes standard. Each spreader is built with rugged components, right from our production facility in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Starting with the hopper assembly, stainless steel is used to withstand years of spreading materials like salt and ice melt. To control the flow of material, the robust 2 ¾-in. (7-cm.) stainless-steel rotor uses segmented, welded teeth for precision spreading. The rotor’s chain-driven driveline is uncomplicated and shielded to enhance the spreader’s longevity in harsh conditions. Lastly, three styles of hitches constructed with black powder-coated steel ensure that the vehicle you’re spreading with has a stable, strong, and secure connection to the spreader.

Regardless of the vehicle that you’re using, spreader operation remains simple. The metering gate that lets material flow can easily be positioned in six different settings without tools to accommodate the granularity of the material that you’re spreading. These adjustments are made in ¼-in. (0.6 cm.) increments, ranging from closed to open 1½-in. (3.8-cm.). Once the gate is set, the weather-resistant control box provides you with fingertip operation of the spreader’s functionality. Turn the rotor on with the left rocker switch and then use the center dial knob to adjust its speed from 1.3 to 6 rpm. If the material that you’re spreading builds up, simply press the right rocker switch to pulse the vibrating motor mounted on the hopper to break clumps apart.

After use, cleanout and storage are straightforward. The removable rotor tray allows you to thoroughly clean all of the material out of the spreader to avoid unnecessary corrosion. Integrated with the hitch are two storage stands to keep the spreader safely upright and ready for attachment when you need it again.



  • Stainless-steel hopper with lid offers an impressive 5 cu ft (0.14 cu m) / 350 lbs. (159 kgs) of material-carrying capacity
  • Stainless-steel rotor is segmented to enhance the accuracy of material distribution within the 43-in. (109-cm) spread width
  • Industry-exclusive removable rotor tray provides easy, tool-free cleanout of material
  • Simple, enclosed drivelines enhance the spreader’s longevity in harsh conditions
  • Vibration motor eliminates material bridging in the hopper
  • Easy-to-use control box provides on/off functions for the spreader and vibration motor, as well as adjustment of the rotor speed
  • Integrated storage stands enable the spreader to stand upright when not in use
  • Multipurpose capability to spread ice melt, fertilizer, lime, topsoil, and other materials



Volume 5 cu. ft. (0.14 m³)
Capacity 350 lb. (159 kg.) (varies based on material)
Material 11, 14, and 16 gauge stainless steel


Diameter 2 ¾ in. (7 cm.)
Material 11 gauge stainless steel
Speed 1.3 to 6 rpm
Teeth Segmented stainless steel
Tray Weight 48 lb. (22 kg.)
Motor 12 VDC, 1/3 horsepower


Material ¼-in (.6 cm.), ⅜ -in. (.9 cm.), and 7-gauge black powder-coated steel
Hitch Types Cat. 1 3-point hitch (quick hitch compatible)
2-in. receiver
Steiner 440/450
Storage stands ¼-in (.6 cm.), ⅜ -in. (.9 cm.), and 7-gauge black powder-coated steel

Dimensions & Weights - 3-Pt. Hitch Models

Length 25 in. (64 cm.)
Width 49 in. (125 cm.)
Spread Pattern Width 43 in. (109 cm.)
Height 31 in. (79 cm.)
Weight Empty: 191 lb. (87 kg.)
Full: 541 lb. (245 kg.) (varies based on material)
Vehicle Requirements Category 1 3-point hitch with 541+ lb. (245 kg.) lift capacity.
Front suitcase weights for counterweight.

Dimensions & Weights - 2-in. Receiver Models

Length 31 in. (79 cm.)
Width 49 in. (125 cm.)
Spread Pattern Width 43 in. (109 cm.)
Height 31 in. (79 cm.)
Weight Empty: 180 lb. (82 kg.)
Full: 530 lb. (240 kg.) (varies based on material)
Vehicle Requirements Hitch must be capable of supporting 530+ lbs.

Dimensions & Weights - Steiner 440/450 Models

Length 32 in. (81 cm.)
Width 49 in. (125 cm.)
Spread Pattern Width 43 in. (109 cm.)
Height 34 in. (86 cm.)
Weight Empty: 215 lb. (98 kg.)
Full: 565 lb. (256 kg.) (varies based on material)
Vehicle Requirements Hitch must be capable of supporting 565+ lbs.

Control Box

Electrical 12V
Functions On/off, vibratory motor pulse, rotor speed


Commercial/Residential 2 year

What's Included

  • 5 cu ft (0.14 cu m) drop spreader
  • Hitch (three types available)
  • Control box
  • Battery harness
  • Extension harness (for added length to battery harness)
  • Spreader wiring harness
  • Zip ties
  • Operator’s Manual

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