Wiring Kit for Full-Size Gators

Simplified Sprayer Wiring

This Sprayer Wiring Kit provides plug-and-go functionality between Full-Size Crossover Gator UTVs and compatible Gator sprayers. Instead of connecting a sprayer’s wiring harness directly to a vehicle’s battery, this kit utilizes the auxiliary power connections that are available on 2018+ Full-Size Crossover Gators. The result is a cleaner appearance, more efficient routine hookup, and improved safety.

Included with this kit are four harnesses and a rocker switch that matches your Gator’s existing switches. Two harnesses are tied to the rocker switch that conveniently turns the sprayer on and off. This switch can be installed into one of the blank switch plates on the vehicle’s dash. By integrating these components, operator safety is enhanced as wiring is now located behind the dash instead of resting on the seat. A third harness runs along the rear of the chassis and extends power and data ports to the back corner of your Gator for easier connection access without needing to lift the bed. The last harness for the sprayer connects the aforementioned harness on the chassis to the sprayer’s pump to complete your tidy wiring solution.



  • Plug-and-go sprayer compatibility by utilizing pre-installed auxiliary power connections, instead of connecting directly to the battery
  • Convenient dash-mounted switch matches existing Gator switches and puts your sprayer’s on/off functionality within a short reach
  • Safety concerns are minimized as a result of integrated components

Requirements and Compatibility

Gator Compatibility

John Deere Full-Size Crossover XUVs XUV835E, XUV835M, XUV835R
XUV865E, XUV865M, XUV865R
(Model Year 2018 - Current)

Sprayer Compatibility

LP33597 25-gal. Gator Sprayer
LP20852 45-gal. Gator Sprayer
LP22908 45-gal. Deluxe Gator Sprayer
LP48006 90-gal. Deluxe Gator Sprayer
LP20853 90-gal. Dual Tank Gator Sprayer
LP22909 90-gal. Deluxe Dual Tank Gator Sprayer

Required John Deere Parts

XUV835E & XUV865E Dash Port Attachment Harness (BM26268)
E-Spec Attachment Harness (BM26266)
XUV835M, XUV865M, XUV835R, & XUV865R Dash Port Attachment Harness (BM26268)

What's Included

  • Upper Dash Harness
  • Lower Dash Harness
  • Rocker Switch (On/Off)
  • Rocker Switch Sticker
  • Chassis Harness
  • Sprayer Harness
  • Hardware
  • Installation Instructions

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