Snow Blade Extension Kit

Expand the width of a 54-inch front blade 30% by adding this pair of 9-inch extensions to lengthen the front blade to 72-inch width. The wider blade can be used for snow removal/clearing for larger driveways and even, commercial clearing. The Plow Extensions offer a quick and affordable way to increase the effective width of the front blade for snow clearing.

For use in the snow removal application on the X400/X500 HDGT’s, X700’s and Series 1 and 2 CUTs. Not compatible with the 60" Blade (BLV10047).

Easy initial installation requires drilling four holes, thereafter installation/removal requires hand-tools.

About the Front Attachments

Front attachments offer you the muscle and fingertip-controlled power that can put all your dreams for managing your property within easy reach. Simple-to-operate, these versatile machines can expand the capabilities of your Select Series™ Tractor.

Working hard doesn't have to be a burden. With the help of these front attachments and front attachment accessories, a tough job becomes an easy one. Whether you're tearing through a mulch pile or taking advantage of the down force for digging, grading, plowing, and snowblowing, these workhorses will get the job done.



  • Includes a left 9-inch and a right 9-inch extension
  • Increases the overall plow width to 72-inches
  • Independent and reversible cutting edge to ease in replacement and installation/removal
  • Heavy-duty all steel construction for durability and long life
  • Powder coated for rust resistance


  • Reduce your plow time by adding 33% more width to the blade
  • Gain full vehicle coverage when the blade is fully angled
  • Will not interfere with spring trip, angling or lift

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