Full-Size XUV Gator Hitch and Control Box

Designed with Gators in Mind

Gator Hitches and Control Boxes are designed to work specifically with John Deere 3 cu ft Salt and Fertilizer Spreaders, as well as 5 cu ft Drop Spreaders. Each hitch features a spring-loaded mechanism to allow for quick spreader attachment and removal. The hitch can also be lowered to provide you with easy access for routine service.

The weather-resistant control box provides you with fingertip control of your spreader's functionality. One rocker switch turns the spreader on and off. 5 cu ft Drop Spreaders utilize a second rocker switch to activate the vibratory motor to help keep material flowing. The dial in the center of the box provides you with control of the spinner or rotor speed. Included with every control box is a wiring harness and hardware for convenient dash mounting.



  • Designed specifically for Gator UTVs to ensure safe and secure spreader fitment
  • Powder-coated steel hitch for utmost support and durability
  • Fingertip operation with the easy-to-use weather-resistant control box


LP49057 Full-Size XUV Gator Hitch and Control Box
LP49058 HD XUV Gator Hitch Brackets (Pre-2011)

Requirements and Compatibility

Gator Compatibility

John Deere Full-Size Crossover XUV Series Gators XUV625i, XUV825i, XUV855D
(Model Years 2011 - 2018)
John Deere XUV Series Gators XUV620i, XUV850i
(Model Years 2007 - 2010)*
*XUV Series Gators built before 2011 often referred to as “Heavy-Duty” or “HD” must purchase HD XUV Gator Hitch Brackets (LP49058) in addition to this hitch.

Required John Deere Parts

HD XUV Gator Hitch Brackets (LP49058) Required only for XUV Series Gators pre-model year 2011

What's Included

  • XUV Series Gator hitch frame
  • Control box
  • Wiring harness
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation Instructions

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