5 cu ft Gator™ Drop Spreader

The Professional's Choice for Precision Spreading

Whether you’re a snow removal contractor, part of a grounds crew at a college campus, or a downtown municipality, John Deere Drop Spreaders are the professional choice for precision spreading. These 5 cu ft Gator Drop Spreader combine large 5 cu ft (0.14 cu m) material capacity with a precise 43-in. (109-cm) spread width that is perfect for salting sidewalks. Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction, simple drives, and an industry-exclusive removable rotor tray make this your ultimate spreading solution. Even better, when paired with a Gator Hitch and control solution (listed below), operation of spreader functions are done easily, right at your fingertips.

What's New?

The latest generation of John Deere Full-Size Crossover XUV Gators offer greater electronic capabilities than ever before. For you, this translates to enhanced spreader functionality and controls. Designed for all configurations of Gator XUV835 and XUV865 models, 5 cu ft Drop Spreaders (LP69911) utilize a 3.5-in. (9-cm) color display that mounts to the vehicle’s dash and a powder-coated steel hitch (LP69908) that attaches to the rear of the vehicle. Four push buttons are used to control functions, like rotor speed and activating the vibratory motor. If a CAN Bridge (BUC10316) is installed on your Gator, automatic stop functionality is also provided, which conveniently halts spreader operation when you stop moving. For all other Gators paired with a 5 cu ft Drop Spreader (LP53512), a hitch and control box (LP49057) will also provide you with easy-to-use dash-mounted controls.



  • Stainless-steel hopper offers an impressive 5 cu ft (0.14 cu m) of material capacity
  • Segmented stainless-steel rotor enhances the accuracy of material distribution with the 43-in. (109-cm) spread width
  • Six-position gate for perfect selection of material flow without the use of tools
  • Industry-exclusive removable rotor tray provides easy, tool-free clean out
  • Easily control spreader functions like on/off, rotor speed, and activating the vibratory motor with a dash-mounted control box or display (depending on vehicle)
  • Vibratory motor quickly eliminates bridged material inside the hopper
  • Multipurpose capability to spread ice-melt in the winter and fertilizer or lime in the summer


LP53512 5 cu ft Gator Drop Spreader
LP69911 5 cu ft Gator Drop Spreader for XUV835/XUV865



Overall Length 23 in. (58 cm)
Overall Width 49 in. (124 cm)
Overall Height 31 in. (79 cm)


Hopper Volume 5 cu ft (0.14 cu m)
Hopper Capacity 350 lb (159 kg)
Total Spreader Weight (Hopper Empty) 178 lb. (81 kg)
Total Spreader Weight (Hopper Full) 528 lb. (240 kg)


Hopper Stainless steel
Rotor Stainless steel
Hitch Components Powder-coated steel
Motor 12V, ⅓ Hp


Spreading Width 43 in. (109 cm)
Rotor Speed 1.3 to 6 RPM

Requirements and Compatibility

Hitch and Control Box Compatibility - 5 cu ft Gator Drop Spreader (LP53512)

LP49057 Full-Size XUV Gator Hitch and Control Box
LP49241 HPX Gator Hitch and Control Box (Steel Bed) (Pre-2018)
LP53809 TH Gator Hitch and Control Box (TH Only)
LP68163 HPX Gator Hitch and Control Box (2018+)

Hitch and Display Compatibility - 5 cu ft Gator Drop Spreader (LP69911)

LP69908 XUV835/XUV865 Gator Hitch and Display

Required John Deere Parts

Gator Hitch and Display/Control Box (see Compatibility tables) Quickly attach and remove a spreader using a tailor-made Gator hitch and an easy-to-use display or control box. Please consult the Compatibility tables above to determine which product you need for your Gator.

What's Included

  • 5 cu ft (0.14 cu m) Gator Drop Spreader
  • Operator's Manual

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