3 cu ft Gator Salt Spreader

Snow Problem? No Problem.

The 3-cubic-foot Gator Salt Spreader is the perfect solution for applying ice-melt materials in winter weather. These spreaders feature a poly hopper that can hold up to 240 lb (109 kg) of material to help you keep spreading and minimize your time spent refilling. After pairing with a Gator Hitch and an easy-to-use control solution (listed below), spread width adjustments can be made up to 25 ft (7.6 m).

When using the Gator Salt Spreader with a compatible John Deere hitch, controlling the spreader is easy with the 2.4-inch OLED display that conveniently mounts within arm's reach. Push buttons are used to turn the auger on/off, adjust the auger speed, and navigate the menu. If necessary, the display can be quickly and easily removed by disconnecting the extension cable and pulling the display bracket out of the slide bracket (except for the XUV835/865 Gators). After the initial installation, removal and subsequent installation is fast and tidy because the chassis wiring harness remains on the Gator.


  • Large poly hopper provides 240 lbs (109 kgs) of capacity
  • Vertical auger helps move large-particle material, like rock salt, to the spinner with ease
  • Nylon, glass-reinforced spinner to withstand corrosive ice-melt materials
  • Up to 25 ft (7.6 m) maximum spread width


LP49055 3 cu ft Gator Salt Spreader
LP69909 3 cu ft Salt Spreader for XUV835/XUV865 Gators



Overall Length 23 in. (58 cm)
Overall Width 49 in. (124 cm)
Overall Height 31 in. (79 cm)
Hopper Length 23 in. (58 cm)
Hopper Width 49 in. (124 cm)
Auger Diameter 3 in. (7.6 cm)
Spinner Diameter 10 in. (25.4 cm)


Hopper Volume 3 cu ft (0.1 cu m)
Hopper Capacity 240 lb. (109 kg)
Total Spreader Weight (Hopper Empty) 45 lb. (20 kg)
Total Spreader Weight (Hopper Full) 285 lb. (129 kg)


Hopper One-piece poly hopper
Spinner Nylon/glass reinforced resin
Frame Powder-coated steel
Motor 1/3 hp 12V semi-sealed


Spreading Width 25 ft (7.6 m)

Requirements and Compatibility

Hitch and Display Compatibility - 3 cu ft Gator Salt Spreader (LP49055)

LP49057 Full-Size XUV Gator Hitch and Display
LP49058 HD XUV Gator Hitch Brackets (Pre-2011)
LP49241 HPX Gator Hitch and Display (Steel Bed) (Pre-2018)
LP53808 TX Gator Hitch and Display
LP53809 TS/TH Gator Hitch and Display
LP53513 550/560 Gator Hitch and Display
LP68163 HPX Gator Hitch and Display (2018+)

Hitch and Display Compatibility - 3 cu ft Gator Fertilizer Spreader (LP69910)

LP69908 XUV835/XUV865 Gator Hitch and Display

Required John Deere Parts

Gator Hitch and Display (see Compatibility tables) Quickly attach and remove your spreader using a tailor-made Gator hitch and an easy to use Display. Please consult the Compatibility tables above to determine which product you need for your Gator.

What's Included

  • 3 cu ft (0.1 cu m) Gator Salt Spreader
  • Clear plastic hopper cover
  • Operator’s Manual

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