Quick Hitch Bushing Kit

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For Category 1 Implement Pins

Quick Hitch Bushing Kits are the fast and simple solution for making the pins on your Category 1 implement compatible with a quick hitch. Each kit includes two steel shoulder bushings, two top-link bushings, and two roll pins. To install a kit, simply slide the shoulder bushings over your implement’s lower links and secure them in place with the roll pins (included). Then, install the top link bushings over the top link pin and your implement is ready for snug, rattle-free use.



  • Fast and simple conversion to make Category 1 implements compatible with iMatch Quick Hitches
  • Coated-steel components to prevent rust
  • Easy installation requiring only a few taps from a hammer

Requirements and Compatibility

iMatch Quick Hitch Category 1
Implement Hitch Standard Category 1

What's Included

  • Two Shoulder Bushings
  • Two Roll Pins
  • Top Link Bushing - ¾-in. inner diameter x 1-in. outer diameter
  • Top Link Bushing - 1-in. inner diameter x 1 ¼-in. outer diameter
  • Installation Instructions

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