ST95084- TerraKing 54 cu. ft. Pro Leaf Bag

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After seasons of spending hours raking your leaves, aren’t you ready for an easier way?

The bag for those who are serious about leaf cleanup. Made with polyester and a nylon-bottom, this is the ultimate heavy-duty bag for those who need to pick up leaves on rough terrain.

If you have a two-bag material collection system, this is the perfect bag for you. The TerraKing Pro Bag offers a maximum bag opening circumference of 120 inches, and it takes just seconds to install. After removing your collection system’s existing bags, you simply drape the leaf bag’s opening over the hood, pull the debris flap over the front, and tighten the two cord locks to secure it in place. Just like that, you’ll see your capacity and productivity increase.

While in use, abrasion-resistant polyester ensures that you’re investing in a durable leaf-collecting solution for use season after season and a nylon-bottom gives you even more protection against rough terrain. Additionally, our design promotes airflow while trapping dust and debris, which results in less mess while you collect your leaves.

Once your leaf bag is full, removal is just as fast and convenient as installation. Just pull up to wherever you want to dump your leaves, loosen the cord locks, and remove the bag from your collection system to empty out the leaves. And when you’re done for the season, just fold up the bag and stow it away until next year.

All of our leaf bags are proudly made in the USA. This bag requires a material collection system; however, a material collection system is NOT included in the purchase of this bag. Please contact the dealer or store where you purchased your ride-on tractor or zero-turn mower for any required parts.



  • 54 cu. ft. capacity increases the leaf collection capabilities of your ride-on mower’s existing collection system
  • Simple fabric design slips over the hood of your material collection system and secures with cord locks in seconds
  • Durable, abrasion-resistant polyester-blended fabric with a nylon bottom offers long-term use on heavy terrain, and is woven to trap dust, but still let air escape
  • Front debris flap ensures that dust and leaves remain inside the bag
  • Fabric can be folded up for easy storage after use
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Compatible with most two-bag material collection systems on ride-on lawn mowers
  • Fast and convenient emptying, wherever you desire to pile leaves
  • Made in the USA


Pro Leaf Bag

Capacity 54 cu. ft (43 bu.)
Length 94 in. (239 cm.)
Width - Front (End with Opening) 60 in. (152 cm.)
Width - Rear 51 in. (130 cm.)
Max Circumference of Opening 120 in. (305 cm.)
Fabric Polyester blend and Nylon bottom


Commercial/Residential 1 year limited warranty

Requirements and Compatibility

Material Collection System 2-bag MCS

Works with most ride-on lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers. Make sure that bag will not make contact with hot exhaust

What's Included

  • One TerraKing 54 cu. ft. Pro Leaf Bag
  • Material collection system/bagger is NOT included


What is the difference between the Pro and Standard Leaf Bag?

The Pro Leaf Bag has a nylon bottom which offers long-term use on rough terrain.

What Leaf Bag is right for my lawn mower?

Select the Standard Leaf Bag (ST95000) if your collection system holds two bags and requires a bag opening circumference of up to 120 in. (305 cm.). For larger three-bag systems, choose the XL Leaf Bag (ST95033), which accommodates bigger hoods that need a bag opening circumference of up to 150 in. (381 cm.).

I don’t have a bagging/material collection system on my mower. Do Leaf Bags come with these components?

No, Leaf Bags do not come with any brackets, chutes, or hopper lids/tops. Your purchase includes one bag. Please contact the dealer or store where you purchased your mower from to acquire these necessary components.

Will a Leaf Bag work with my zero-turn mower?

Yes, in addition to ride-on tractors, Leaf Bags will work with zero-turn mowers. However, it is important to take note of where your exhaust is located to avoid damage.

Will a Leaf Bag work with my push mower?

No, Leaf Bags are only designed to work with ride-on lawn mowers.

Can I go in reverse with a Leaf Bag installed on my mower?

Reverse travel with your lawn mower is not recommended while a Leaf Bag is installed. The bag can become lodged under your mower or rip from a tire. Try to plan your collection route strategically so that leaves are out of areas that require backing up.

Can I use a Leaf Bag to collect grass clippings?

Due to significant weight, Leaf Bags are NOT recommended for grass collection purposes.

What’s covered under the 1-Year Warranty?

The 1-year warranty includes defects in craftsmanship (sewing, seams, drawstring, and cinching device). The warranty does not cover wear and tear due to the bag catching on roots, sticks, stones, or other items in your yard.

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