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If you want to improve the traction of the turf tires on your lawn and garden tractor in snow and ice, TerraGrips are the perfect choice. These unique tire chains consist of multi-ply rubber slats that are easy to install without the need for tools. Once equipped, traction is greatly enhanced in wintery conditions where turf tires frequently underperform and regular tire chains can damage surfaces like driveways. Numerous sizes are available (in pairs) to fit a variety of tires with overall diameters ranging from 18 to 26 inches.


  • TerraGrips are perfect for sidewalks and driveway pavers, as well as brick, asphalt, and concrete driveways.
  • Improved Traction on most surfaces especially in loose material such as snow/dirt/mud
  • Plated steel components resist rust
  • Rubber slats surround the tire ensuring secure installation
  • Easy no tools installation

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