Grass Groomers for Lawn Tractors

  • Grass Groomer for 54- or 60-in. Edge High-Capacity Deck's (LP46468)

  • Grass Groomer for 48- or 54-in. Accel Deep Deck's (LP63761)

  • Grass Groomers install with basic hand tools and can be adjusted in seconds

  • Durable, flexible bristles help intensify lawn striping

Contrasting striping patterns in a lawn can easily enhance the appearance of a home or business. If you’re in search of an even more professional-looking lawn, Grass Groomers are the perfect solution.

Grass Groomers use bristles to gently bend grass blades further than a mower deck does by itself. The result is an intensified striping-effect because the blades now reflect light at a greater angle. These bristles are flexible to accommodate varying ground heights and avoid scalping or berming when making turns. Additionally, their strong, yet lightweight design ensures that ground compaction is not compromised.

  • Durable, flexible bristles - intensify lawn striping and accommodate varying ground heights for a professional appearance
  • Strong, lightweight design - steel mounting brackets are paired with the bristles to provide a long-lasting design that’s also lightweight to minimize unnecessary ground compaction
  • Simple installation - only basic hand tools are needed to attach the mounting brackets specifically made for each deck. No drilling is required.
  • Easy height adjustments - set the Grass Groomer's height in seconds with two screw knobs