1/2" Hex Nut

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ST65034 - 1/2" Hex Nut - Superior Tech


Requirements and Compatibility

Compatible Models LP22861 - 25-gal. X300/X500 Sprayer
LP22862 - 25-gal. Click-N-Go Sprayer
LP33711 - Electric Lift Kit-X3/X500-Pre-2016
LP49057 - Full-Size Gator Hitch and Ctrl Box
LP49057 (a) - Full-Size Gator Hitch - no control box
LP49241 - HPX Gator Hitch and Ctrl Box-Steel
LP49241 (a) - HPX Gator Hitch-Steel - no control box
LP53283 - 15-gal. 100 Series/S240 Sprayer
LP53808 - TX Gator Hitch and Control Box
LP53808 (a) - TX Gator Hitch - no control box
LP53809 - TS/TH Gator Hitch and Control Box
LP53809 (a) - TS/TH Gator Hitch - no control box
LP63767 - 40-in. Tractor Shovel
LP63767 (b) - 40-in. Tractor Shovel - Parts in Box
LP68163 - Gator Spreader Hitch and Control HPX '18 - xx
LP68163 (a) - HPX Gator Hitch-2018 - No control box
LP69908 - 835/865 Gator Hitch and Display
LP69908 (a) - Full-Size Gator Hitch - no display or wiring

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