44 in Plow Angling Kit

With the new 44" Remote Angling Kit there is no more stopping and having to get off the tractor to angle the front blade. The kit makes blade work much more efficient. Just twist the control handle and an easy push or pull angles the blade to the desired position. The kit is easy to install and utilizes a 3-position spring loaded mechanism that automatically locks into place when the blade is in the proper position.

About the Front Attachments

Front attachments offer you the muscle and fingertip-controlled power that can put all your dreams for managing your property within easy reach. Simple-to-operate, these versatile machines can expand the capabilities of your Select Series™ Tractor.

Working hard doesn't have to be a burden. With the help of these front attachments and front attachment accessories, a tough job becomes an easy one. Whether you're tearing through a mulch pile or taking advantage of the down force for digging, grading, plowing, and snowblowing, these workhorses will get the job done.



  • Remote angling from the seat of your tractor with a conveniently mounted control handle
  • Powder coated steel components
  • Spring loaded mechanism auto-locks when the blade is in position
  • Installation with hand tools (15 min.)



Description Remote Angling
Mechanical 3-position spring-loaded w/auto-locking
Angling 20° left, Center, 20° right
Compatibility 44” Plow Blade X300/X500 Tractors

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