60 Gallon 3-PT PTO Sprayer

Our line of 60 Gallon Cat 1, 3-Pt. PTO Sprayers is equipped with the options that suit your needs and your budget. Top of the line features, performance and quality you expect from John Deere, with the boom and pump options specific to your needs. These sprayers are perfect for large property owners, commercial sprayers, small farms, and fruit growers. Sized right for most spraying applications, these 60 gallon units will not let you down. In fact, we back them with a 2-year warranty.

About the 3-pt Hitch Sprayers

Face it: You can’t predict everything that will go right — or wrong — on your property. But when you arm yourself with a John Deere 3-Pt. Hitch Sprayer, you know you’ll be able to predict one thing - you can count on your equipment for the long haul.

From the first use, you’ll appreciate your sprayer for its superior convenience, performance and versatility. Years from now you’ll rely on it for its outstanding safety, durability and quality. Simply put, we have designed and built a sprayer that will deliver the excellent performance you expect from John Deere.

With 45-, 60-, 110- and 150-gallon PTO and Electric models, you'll find a sprayer to suit your needs, whether you’re caring for a moderate food plot, grand estate, large athletic complex or sprawling pasture. John Deere sprayers are constructed to withstand the rigors of regular use for a long time. And with a limited two-year warranty, you're protected should something unexpected happen.

Easily customize your sprayer with a variety of accessories that make caring for your property even easier.

Invest in a John Deere sprayer and know you’ve made a purchase you can count on for years to come.



  • Comes standard with a premium pistol grip spray gun
  • Pump Options - Cast Iron or Silver Series XL
  • Pressure regulation for precise control
  • Glycerin-filled gauge for accuracy
  • Continuous jet recirculation
  • In-line easy-access filter
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • Side-mount hose tender
  • iMatch Compatible
  • Boom options: 18-ft, 150-inch, 30-ft boomless


LP33813 60 Gallon Standard w/ Boomless and Cast Pump
LP33816 60 Gallon Premium w/ Boomless and Silver Series XL Pump
LP33814 60 Gallon Standard w/ 150” Boom and Cast Pump
LP33817 60 Gallon Premium w/ 150” Boom and Silver Series XL Pump
LP33815 60 Gallon Standard w/ 18' Boom and Cast Pump
LP33818 60 Gallon Premium w/ 18' Boom and Silver Series XL Pump

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