iMatch Bushing Kits

  • iMatch Bushing Kit

  • iMatch Bushing Kit installed

  • Shoulder Bushing installed on lower pin

  • Top-link bushings convert from Cat. 1 to Cat. 3

  • Top-link Bushings installed on top-link pin

iMatch Bushing Kits are the fast and simple solution for making your 3-point implements compatible with a John Deere iMatch Quick Hitch. Each kit includes the parts to adapt an implement with Category 1 3-point hitch pins to work with the hooks on a quick hitch. Simply slide the single-piece shoulder bushings over your implement’s lower link pins and secure them with a roll pin (two included). Then install the Top Link Bushings over the top-link pin and your implement is ready for hassle-free, rattle-free use.

  • Fast and simple conversion to make Category 1 implements compatible with iMatch Quick Hitches
  • Coated-steel components to prevent rust
  • Easy installation requiring only a few taps from a hammer
iMatch Quick Hitch Category 1
Implement Hitch Standard Category 1
  • Two Shoulder Bushings
  • Two Roll Pins
  • Top Link Bushing - ¾-in. inner diameter x 1-in. outer diameter
  • Top Link Bushing - 1-in. inner diameter x 1 ¼-in. outer diameter
  • Installation Instructions


iMatch Bushing Kit LP19969

20-bu 3-Pt MCS

5 cu ft 3-Pt Drop Spreader

45-gal. Deluxe 3-Pt Sprayer