3.5-bu Grass Catcher

  • Prevent clippings from landing on landscaping and other areas with a Grass Catcher

  • Large handles make emptying the hopper easy

  • Simple bracing makes reattaching the Grass Catcher to the deck mounting plate simple

  • Durable design consists of a stainless steel frame and aluminum mesh sides

3.5-bushel Grass Catchers for John Deere QuikTrak 600 Series Stand-On Mowers provide commercial operators with a simple, compact solution for collecting small amounts of material. These deck-mounted hoppers prevent grass clippings from landing on sidewalks, parking lots, flowerbeds, water features, and other landscaping. By collecting this material, your time spent cleaning up after mowing is significantly minimized.

To help keep you mowing, attachment and removal are designed to be fast and simple. In fact, initial installation requires no drilling or additional bolt-on components. To ensure your safety, these hoppers are compliant with industry safety standards for side-discharge mower decks. Additionally, the mower deck chute deflector remains attached, even with the hopper installed.

Two handles made from round tubing offer you a variety of different ways to handle the hopper. Specifically, a large handle is mounted on top of the hopper, while a smaller hinged handle is mounted to the front. With a firm grip, the rear door can be completely removed to quickly unload collected material wherever you desire.

To promote a long life of commercial-grade work, this design features a stainless steel frame. Fixed to the frame are strong, yet lightweight aluminum mesh sides that are attached with rivets for a sleek, smooth appearance. To withstand the weight of heavy amounts of material inside, the bottom of the hopper consists of a single piece of aluminum for maximum durability.

  • 3.5-bushel hopper prevents clippings from being blown on sidewalks, flowerbeds, and other landscaping
  • Initial installation requires no drilling or additional mounting hardware
  • When the hopper is full, simply remove a pin, lift the hopper from the deck, then open or remove the rear door to empty material
  • For easy carrying and emptying, one smaller hinged handle is mounted to the front of the hopper while a larger handle is found on top
  • Durable design featuring a stainless steel frame, aluminum mesh sides, and a single-piece aluminum bottom


Length 33 in. (84 cm)
Width 22 in. (56 cm)
Height 23 in. (58 cm)
Weight (Hopper Empty) 29 lb. (13 kg)
Mower Compatibility
John Deere QuikTrak Stand-On Mowers 652B, 652E, 636M, 648M, 652M 648R, 652R, 652RMOD, 652R EFI, 652R EFIMOD MY 2016 - current, after serial number 045001 (Incompatible with 661R and 661R EFI)
  • 3.5-bu. (123-L), 4.4 cu ft (0.12 m3) hopper
  • Mounting plate
  • Handle
  • Hardware
  • Operator's Manual


3.5-bu Grass Catcher LP68164